This is my very first time J I didn’t know that it’s gonna be so professional, all these things around, so many skirts for me to chose, what a lovely thing! I hope that this nice beginning means that our common relationship will be the same nice and pleasant. After I seen my first pictures on monitor display I thought that I look a little too much as experienced model, when I am not! But hey, weren’t there many guys in past shooting me as their babe? ;) There were, posing isn't difficult, I am gonna prove it here!
Duration: 4.2 min WMV HQ - 29.04 MB WMV LQ - 4.69 MB
Striptease guys!
I was standing there and thought, what for these clothes are? ;) It would be nice to take them all off and let my bright and soft skin breathe some with fresh air. Do you think its good idea or not? Well, you don’t have to say anything, I see everything on the statistics well ;) Striptease guys, this is what we have prepared for you today. I have my favorite bra here, tight shirt and lovely gray skirt that shows my legs in the way I love. They look on longer as they really are :P Funny episode on the beginning is to make you happier some, before you'll get really rapt... Kisses!
Duration: 5.2 min WMV HQ - 45 MB WMV LQ - 6 MB
Dancing again!
This time I wear sexy fishnet stockings, leather shorts and tight pink shirt on my bobbies. We got idea to make it looks like I’d trying to dance as professional strip teaser here. Result for me is great. It should make you feel better and maybe get some eager of pleasure with your girlfriend or some lover. Beware before coming in, this is really teasing stuff! Tissues are strongly recommended!
Duration: 4.9 min WMV HQ - 34 MB WMV LQ - 6 MB
This is truth old as earth is: good-looking girls love to dance, to move their bodies in rhythm of cool music, showing their sexy shapes to people around, both guys and girls, this is 100% truth and I will not believe to anyone who would tell me that he knows one beautiful cutie who doesn’t like… never! Just look at this brilliant blonde here, she’s conscious of her charm and likes to move her ass when the music plays! Just another example! What is her name? Zuzana, exactly saying, it’s me ;)
Duration: 4.2 min WMV HQ - 29.04 MB WMV LQ - 4.69 MB
You love big close-ups on my tits, I know, I managed to use to feel your look on my bust, and I have to agree that it’s nothing bad for me ;) This is my present for you guys, video of me playing with my bobbies especially for you. I asked camera guy to come as closest as he can and he made it well. I like this video, you too? Write me about it if you want!
Duration: 4 min WMV HQ - 25 MB WMV LQ - 4 MB
Outdoor walking

Every cameraman knows that boobs look best from the bottom view. On pictures, movies, doesn’t matter, they looks gorgeous, cause the perspective makes them look bigger and heavier than in real ;) What about when model has natural huge and round boobies? It gives fantastic results and you should really see what I am exactly talking about! Do it inside, with my video, one of the best, outdoor, hot and amazing!

Duration: 3.7 min WMV HQ - 26 MB WMV LQ - 4 MB
So I end in cowshed ;) As real cowgirl, but if you expect me to ride some horses here, forget about it! There will be no riding here on anything, living or plastic, I am not a kind of girl ;) Just pure erotic, maybe a little more, hot session with nice striptease in the middle of boxes, ladders and the haystacks around me. Sounds crazy but it is really nice set of me, you an easily see how long my legs are. They are my proud, apart from my treasure, my bust, they are the second thing I love of my body most.
Duration: 4.2 min WMV HQ - 29.04 MB WMV LQ - 4.69 MB
Long trousers

This is exactly the same what before but with one difference: now you can admire me moving in real, see my body from all possible sides and enjoy exactly 3, 41 min of my nice company, could you resign this? ;) I know the answer exactly. Doesn’t matter, important thing here is I’ve changed my dressing style a little. I wear long trousers especially to your imagination before you’ll see me all naked ;) Guys who write me told me that it’s their favorite video with me. You see, psychology in erotic, it works!

Duration: 5 min WMV HQ - 33 MB WMV LQ - 5.5 MB
Green tight Blouse
I remember when my breasts begun to grow up. I was little teenager who didn‘t now what exactly is beyond the street I was living, I didn’t know anything I know now, for example, if you would told me the tat my boobs gonna be as big as they are today, I would never believe you and just laugh of it with my friends. Of course, ever single girl know that larger breasts are better than smaller, and we all wanted to have them big J Now I can tell that I am lucky girl, I would change nothing in my bust, just take a look on it and agree with me!
Duration: 5.8 min WMV HQ - 40 MB WMV LQ - 6.5 MB
Stripping for you
All the boyfriends I had in past always asked me about it. I don’t know what is so cool in taking clothes down before someone’s eyes, for example girls rather don’t excited about guys doing it, can you tell me now, why do you love it so strong? No, I don’t mind it and even like to give but it’s still interesting why… isn’t it? Wonder about it watching me stripping for you, enjoy!
Duration: 4.2 min WMV HQ - 29.04 MB WMV LQ - 4.69 MB