My pictures are cool, sure, but only in motion you can see how I really am. I cared abut that to have them in highest DVD quality only, I select everything we filmed and put here only these scenes that I like most and think that should attract your eyes and give some pleasure. I am sure that you'll like them all, it's not the end, we will film another episodes, this is just the beginning of all adventure so you can expect more and more, very soon. I hope that you'll see that from movie to movie, I am better and better in what I do, I try to be best I can and I expect full understanding and patience. Forgive me my shyness and small experience, everything will go but I need some time to get used to this all. Anyway, what exist already has my recommendation and I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed of any single vide is here. I wish you to spend pleasant time with me inside, kisses!

My Movies
Lets make it on the floor
I dont know any places where Id have no sex really ;) Of course, floor was one of the first places, besides my bed maybe, where I had it. Sometimes it was too hot and too horny to think about any better things to fuck on so we were enjoying ourselves on hard, cold floor ;) For example - exactly where I am laying now!
Like a call girl
Imagine that you call some exclusive girl to company for all night long. You are home alone and I knock to your doors. You see me in coat, I am coming in and tear it off to show you this! Now, how do you feel? Dream to have me immediately? I want it too!
Can I be prettier? ;)
No, of course I couldnt ;) Theres nothing to change in my look, maybe besides my hairdo, last times I think to change it a little. Any propositions? Change color or length? Maybe youd like me in short? Well see. For this time you can enjoy my pretty face in the mirror ;)
Lets move outside!
Ill giv you my sweet boob-show this time outside, what do you think? No one was around, just me and crew, so we were free to do anything. I pose in my tight jeans shorts you probably already know, and have changed my hair a little. Now I look like a fifteen years old girl.
I got sexy jeans!
Im not quite sure if my dad would let me go out dressed like this ;) Hed surly said: stop you young lady, where the hell you wanna go looking like ordinary bitch! Come back and change it now! ;) But because Im far away from my home… :D
Take care of my boobies
Id love some of you lick my nipples and bite then delicate. It always drives me crazy and makes my orgasm comes faster, really faster! So come inside and see my melons from the perspective youd see if youd lick me for real. I know youll like it
Striptease in the backside
I want you to feel better so I suggest finding some beer and sitting comfortable. Ill take my t-shirt to show you my boobies. Than Ill show you what is underneath my skirt, spread my legs wide and let you come n between my legs… Do you fell well now? : Wait till I end, youll be really rapt!
Maybe in trousers today?
Lets make a little change and use trousers today. I wasnt striping from them yet so this is my first time. And they shows less than skirts but you can see my pretty tight ass better I guess ;) Do you like it?

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